Core Values



My number one core value in trust.  It is my belief that if you don't have this, nothing else matters. It's my promise to you that I will be trustworthy in all my interaction with you.


I have a strong morale compass and I bring that to my business.  I will approach all my business interactions with the upmost integrity.  

Commitment to Excellence

I want to you to receive the best service and results possible.  You have my personal guarantee that I will do my best to exceed your expectations. 

Have Fun

I've read that we learn, are more motivate and engaged, and are more creative when we are having fun!  With all the positives, I think it's important to have fun!! 

Be Candid

In order for leaders and organizations to grow, sometimes, someone has to be candid with them.  If I am going to be an effective coach and consultant, I need to be candid when needed. 

Listen for Understanding

To get to the core of a problem, I need to listen for understanding.  Only then can we work as a team to come up with the best solution.